How to be Focus in life

Focus: Follow One Course Until Successful

Concentration determines our future. The discussion starts in our mind then shows in our behavior. The center is not only in our mind it is in our actions. Our mind creates the work that we use to produce our future.

“Goals provide the energy source that powers our lives. One of the best ways we can get the most from the energy we have is to focus it. That is what goals can do for us; concentrate our power.” earth-in-hands_4460x4460

Focus as it relates to our mind. It is vital to creating the correct focus in our mind.

For example:

If you focus on the poverty and you will tend to manifest debt

if you concentrate on wealthy and you will manage to reveal rich

if you focus on wealth and you will tend to manifest wealth,

focus on Success, Prosperity, and you will tend to manifest Success and Prosperity,

If you concentrate on sickness or disease, you will tend to manifest illness or disease,

Focus on Health you will tend to manifest Health,

if you focus on happiness, love, joy and you will tend to manifest happiness, love and joy,

if you concentrate hatred, you will tend to manifest hatred,

Focus on Love you will tend to manifest Love if you focus abundant life, improvement, gift, smile, achievement, accomplishment, if you concentrate on boredom you will tend to manifest boredom, if you focus on Fun you will tend to manifest fun. What do you focus on most of the time?

To create the focus of our thoughts here are some things that will assist:

©Be Aware:

Now that you know the effect of focus watch yourself and your results see the impact that focus has on your life.

©Be Grateful:

Regularly (once a day or more) take account of all the things you are grateful for. If you are having a challenging day and nothing seems to be worth being grateful, push through the mental barriers and ask “if there was something to be thankful for, what would it be.” This shifts your mind into a state of looking for the best.

©Know your outcome:

Steven Covey states “Begin with the end in mind”. Take some time to think about what you would like to achieve from life. Break this down into measurable goals that u]you can use to align your focus wit.

©Acknowledge Everything:

It is important to acknowledge everything that is happening or has happened in the past. All these things affect the “filters” our brain uses to delete, distort or generalize.

If your car had faulty brakes and you failed to acknowledge it then it would not matter how much you focused on stopping, it would not stop.

Condition our mind for the outcome we desire: Here are some brief suggestions:

∗ Write your goals down

∗ Read your goals regularly and remind you of these goals

∗ Use techniques such as “the magnetic goal drop” to place the target into your subconscious mind

∗ Use affirmations to remind yourself of the behaviors you need

∗ Take time to pray and meditate on your desired outcome

Your brain and it’s relationship to the world around us is set up in such a way that how you focus your mind and energy determines the results you achieve. We need to focus on the correct things the more we will succeed. To focus we need to condition our mind and manage our time.


Being rich can be defined as having considerably more than enough, both now and indefinitely into the future, without dependency on work or chance. But humans generally need more than the material basics of food in their belly, a roof overhead, and a shirt on their back. They need to give and receive love, companionship, and a degree of fulfillment/purpose. Being rich is all these things.

So the bottom line is you can become rich, regardless of your circumstances, if it’s what you really want.


I define wealth as abundance in our life. Wealth is about finding that point in your life where you have plenty. An abundance of joy, an abundance of money, an abundance of time, an abundance of health, an abundance of God. Most people spend their lives in trade-offs. They find a plenty of money but trade their chance at a job that doesn’t inspire them. Some focus only on wasting their time on what they want and suffer from a lack of money sufficient to share with others.


Health, according to the World Health Organization, is defined as:

» The integral well-being of a person that includes spiritual well-being (Soul and Spirit).

» Mental well-being: Which is what a person thinks and what his brain carries out,

» Physical well-being is what our body lives, suffers, enjoys and desires,

» Environment well-being is a person’s agreement with his surrounding.

Health is NOT THE APPARENT ABSENCE of ILLNESS. Unfortunately, most people think that Health merely is not being confined to bed, not running a fever, or not being ill. Being healthy includes all the concepts of integral well-being described by the World Health Organization and not just the absence of illness.


“Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy.” girl-in-power-pose_4460x4460

Happiness is when you balance your emotions with your thinking ability, continually facing life’s challenges with the thought of “something better” coming your way. Happiness is being able to withstand challenges and overcome them with a smile on your face and a smile on your heart.


Joy is related to lasting happiness. JOY is but one choice away. We must CHOOSE to find joy in our lives. JOY may be a tough choice, but it is still one option away. We CHOOSE to live a certain way. We CHOOSE to associate with certain people. We CHOOSE to perpetuate certain habits. We can also CHOOSE to find JOY in our lives and enjoy the very essence of being alive.

Abundant Life:

Most of us have different ideas about what an “abundant life” really means – but there are common factors that most of us would agree on. Things like having plenty of money, financial security, and inner peace. Fortunately for us, there are endless ways to achieve these objectives. Below are three small ways you can begin living an abundant life starting now. Commit to Your Vision, Invest in Yourself, Give and Receive.


How is your focus? Can you focus on one target so sharply that you don’t see anything else and let nothing come in your way until you achieve your goal? If not, then you must improve your concentration and focus on making that kind of performance in almost all aspects of your life.

When you improve your focus, you are able to give your maximum on one thing before you move on.


You have been blessed with a specialty that makes others step back and take notice even if you have not made the discovery of what your contributions are yet. Take the time to focus on what you do well, and you will soon discover that unique gift or gifts that you possess that no one can do quite like you.

Love:            pigeons-on-wet-concrete_4460x4460

Love is as abundant as the air that you breathe. Take a deep breath and blow in love. When you choose to focus on love, and what’s right about your life, then you are allowing more love to come back to you. Love acknowledges what’s right and makes you feel open and robust. Fear focuses on what’s wrong with your life and makes you feel unlovable, weak, stuck and blocked.


Smile and laughter will keep you emotionally healthy and reduces stress. Humor inspires hope and keeps you focused. It increases blood flow and helps your heart. Hey, if you give it a chance, laughter will make a peanut butter sandwich for you.


The secret to success is a focus. It is the one secret that ties everything together. According to the law of attraction, what you focus on is what you get. Therefore when you focus on all the qualities of success, you attract them to you. The more you do actions that lead to success, the more success you experience. The success of anything you do begins with focus. That’s when you call all your powers together for the accomplishment of a thing. The focus is an act of will which is the faculty that rules everything.


Achievement is when you can successfully accomplish any task that you have set out to do, overcoming any hurdles in the way. Achievement motivates to makes and actually want to get up and move every day.


The term accomplishment means several things which are closely related. It means highly skilled, successfully completed and/ or settled. Of course, the root word is accomplished which means successfully complete a task.


How to achieve every success in all elements of life:


Anyone can achieve anything in life. Whatever you want, whatever you wish, aims, dreams and thinks. Opportunity in life never just shows up at your door and asks to come in. The only way you can achieve great success in life is by freeing your mind of all negative thoughts and putting down on paper exactly what you want to accomplish in the next five years of your experience. Why use five years of a reasonable time frame? Becuase that is usually how many years it actually takes to turn a realistic but lofty dream into a reality.

These are how to achieve every success in all elements of life:











Focus Now! You are not truly focused unless you are present. Your mind and body must be aligned, alert and thinking about what you are doing right now, not what happened yesterday, not what you are going to do next, but what you are FOCUSING on RIGHT NOW!