How to Discover your purpose in Life

Living a purposeful life is to understand different hardships you face, and know it’s only there to create more order, not chaos. Even though it feels like your family is about to fall apart, or you’re about to lose your job, these situations are subconsciously caused by your inner potential because you know there’s something better.

If by some chance you’re reading this right now and there are life situations which have you questioning yourself, take some time to understand yourself. You cannot determine what someone else is going to do, or the decisions they make. Worrying about the choices of others is not living a life of purpose.

Living purposefully is one of the most effortless but enjoyable experience which you can enjoy in life. When you are living life purposefully just flows. Like flowing water, you effortless adapt to any obstacle which is placed in your path. You carve out your own way for life as you pass peacefully through. There are times when things can become turbulent, and you can fall off purpose, but with a small amount of conscious effort, you can usually guide yourself back until you are living purposefully once again. It may take a little time and effort to find your purpose, but once you do so, and you choose to live your goal, the benefits are beyond measure.

Benefits of Living  a Purposeful Life

It high time that you stop settling for an ordinary life, you must create a life that is focused and purposeful if you desire to experience real living. Would you like to live a life that brings you joy, excitement, and fulfilment? There are many benefits to discovering your primary interest, passion or purpose in life. Don’t you want to live a life that’s extraordinary?


When you identify your interests and passions, you will gain the inspiration and motivation to learn new skills. You will desire to learn and grow into the person you were created to be. This, in turn, helps you to meet the goals you set out to accomplish. Identifying and pursuing your purpose is a unique self-development tool all by itself. When you make the decision to follow your mission you will grow and develop as the awesome person you are.


I am a real believer that concentrate is EVERYTHING! Being focused helps you to stay on task with following your living your purposeful life. In staying focused you can know exactly what you desire and can go after and achieve it. Your goal setting and planning will be invaluable tools and helps you to focus on creating positive change in yourself and your life.


Motivation is the force that guides our behaviour. Knowing your purpose drives you and inspires you to create change in your life which will provide the momentum to keep moving forward towards your goals. Being motivated helps you to continually monitor your progress against your goals and plans so that you stay motivated to continue to progress. You will want to feel the success of achieving targets and goals at each step of your journey.


Living a purposeful life brings great joy and increases well-being. Having goals and a reason to get up in the morning are compelling tools and will help you feel a sense of satisfaction, encouragement, and success. All of these positive emotions will help you realise that you are the master of your destiny and that you have the ultimate power to change your life.

Better Health:

As you improve your situation and outlook by taking decisive action each day, you will begin to notice that you feel great and that your stress and anxiety levels reduce. By identifying your purpose, you will find that you want to take better care of yourself and your health so that you can continue working towards your goals and achieving the life you ultimately desire.

Take control. No matter if you’ve just been placed on the ground, or if you’ve broken through to the sunlight and you’re beginning to feel the effects of the first bloom of your life, at some point you have to take control mentally. There will always be something to worry about, something going on in your life which causes you to feel less about yourself. Ignore these and continue pressing towards the sun in your life.

Signs that you are living life purposefully

  1. You build a supportive relationship:

Traditionally, we make friendships based on proximity. Social psychology shows us that we tend to have a higher fondness for those whom we spend more time with. We often build these friendships at a young age, but as we change and our lives change, these relationships fail to improve with us. As a result, we can end up spending a great deal of time with people who no longer support our growth as human beings.

     2. You take responsibility:

When you are living purposefully, you do not run away from your problems. You do not blame others for what has gone wrong in your life. You accept full responsibility for the results which you achieve. When you don’t get the results you desire, You identify the changes that you can make and put a plan in place to make those changes.

     3. You are authentic:

You know who you are your purpose, your values, your principles and your goals. You dedicate your life to pursuing these. When conflict arises, or difficult decisions need to be made, you do not bow to the pressures of others. You consult your own conscience, and you take what you believe to be the best course of action. One of the mottos by which I live my life is: ‘Do what you believe to be right and accept the consequences’.

      4. You don’t compete:

You pursue supportive, collaborative relationships which are aimed at achieving mutual benefits. You do not feel the need to compete with others. Success in life is not about doing better than other people, It is about being the best that you can be. When you understand this, you realise that each person is unique and there is sufficient opportunity for us all to live happy, healthy and prosperous lives. Therefore there is no need for competition, comparison or jealousy.

    5. You live in your values:

Values are one of your conscience’s ways of communicating with you. They set guidelines for how you might like to behave. When you act by your benefits, you will be much happier for it. When you work in conflict with your values, you will experience inner turmoil.

Living purposefully is simple living. You become so confident of who you are and what you are trying to achieve; you can make difficult decisions with consummate ease. You feel a great deal of certainty about your life, and you trust in yourself, even during the most challenging times. Living purposefully brings meaning and joy to everything that you do and a greater sense of fulfilment upon the completion of each task.

When you take the time to live your life on purpose, you find that your life is much happier. There is no reason to struggle and be unhappy. It is merely a choice, make sure to make the right one.