Ikelie Chinedum George is an accomplished Author that has published numerous literary works that teach about prosperous morals, leadership, greatness. His works have generated interest among a wide range of readers. Also, Ikelie Chinedum George writes holistic how-to books based on his many years of studying the human experience. His writing style is unique and resonates with individuals that are looking for purpose and meaning to their lives. He has a witty method that takes the essence of many universally accepted values and connects it in a fun and admirable way with savvy individuals.

For close to a decade, George has been part of the current renaissance sweeping through the literary world. His moral and purpose-driven teachings have literally transformed many lives. George has a specific proficiency in helping people find out what they must do to move their lives to the next level. He is an author, a speaker, a counsellor and a consultant to individuals and some organisations. With an extensive reach in sharing his messages, he has decided to create some form of permanence by putting it out in print. To date, he has published other impactful titles covering a range of issues that help to build lives.

As an author, Ikelie Chinedum George has a mission to lead a revolution in the way people go about life. He has established unique systems that help him mentor young individuals and adults alike. His influence is spread across various parts of his home country – Nigeria and beyond. He is committed to building what he calls a total life concept that touches base with everyone across the board. Also, he has a penchant for evaluating the current realities in the world and putting out materials that resonate with these truths.

In retrospect, Ikelie Chinedum George started his writing career under the most intriguing circumstances. As a young boy, his love for the game of soccer made him spend extra time on the field with his friends. Sadly, his school sandals were stolen during one of these moments of youthful exuberance. He recollected the severe punishment that he would face if his mother got to know about this development. This led him to meet a family member who asked him to write a letter stating why he wants to get a new school sandal without his mother’s knowledge.

As simple as this request sounded, it led to a twist of events that led Ikelie Chinedum George to become a proven author. After his first letter to get his sandals, he never stopped writing! In a sense, his legendary skill as a writer has been growing over the years, and he is poised to churn out more works in the coming days.

Ikelie Chinedum George is a devout Catholic who believes that life revolves around the providence and grace of the Almighty God. His early days as a Catechist have helped to shape his world, religious and moral views. He loves spending time and enjoying life with his friends and family on the beautiful South Eastern part of Nigeria. His hobby includes watching and playing the game of soccer.