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Have you ever been in a situation that you were in the grocery store to buy things for your household? There you are trying to do some calculations according to your budget, and the music in the background keep distracting and dividing your attention?

Are you living in a chaotic world?

Does your life seem “UPSIDE DOWN”?

Have you asked yourself the following question:

  • “Why ” the world is so cruel to you?
  • “Why” some people get away with certain things that others don’t?
  • “Why nature accommodates liars and manipulation which I called “the trump world.” cropped-Linkedin-1292x440-1.jpg

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The 69th Code of The Trump World will help you to identify the trump, and it’s liar and manipulations in your world.

Trumplisim is what you should consider as a priority not as minor or a moron so to speak.

Anything that can tricks you and you fall for it is more intelligible than you are. Smarter and benevolent than you in any form or means.

Trump is evil. Evil is the constitution of all sorts of chaos, catastrophe, slavery and demeaning of all sorts. Allowing trump to continue to exist in your world is not something you should consider as an option rather must very seriously.

Trash the Trump in your world is equally important as the life you have.

Trash the trump world with “The 69th Code of Trump World – Fire and Fury” and take the front seat in your life.



1) IDENTIFY: Look deep into your life and find those things that are missing in your life. The things that have been roadblocks in your life. The true person you want to become. What is the blockage of your career dreams or keep your aways from the relationship you wanted so much? Those areas in your life that you feel has gone upside down.


  • Ask yourself why are you not able to achieve your dreams?
  • Are there any means I can get started?
  • How do I go about it?
  • What are the things that are required?
  • Did I need help? If “yes” where should I get the help that I need?

2) ACKNOWLEDGE:  Accepting the facts that you are aware of the alternative facts that life has been inbounding on you is the Ultimate power and Authority that you need to block all the loopholes that Trump is imposing on you on many sides.

Light is more powerful than darkness. When you know those liars and manipulations are easier that you can use them to your advantages. Because you are very familiar with Trump will be quick to trash the trump world.

3) BELIEVE:  Identifying and acknowledging the trump is the evidence that you believe that trump actually exists.

Now avert your belief and trust that you will be able to eliminate every bad element that is living in your world.

Believe in yourself that you can have the standard of life that you wish to yourself. Believe, even when all odds are against you that you will accomplish every goal you’ve set.

All your dreams will come true just as you trash the trump world.

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