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Trash The Trump

Trump is a trick. Trick implies liars and manipulation. Life has been deceiving you. Impose many illusions from many sides. Telling you to believe that there is no cure for that disease, that you were born poor that’s why you keep suffering until the end of your days on earth.

Making you ignorant of the truth.

Knowing the reason why you should trash trump is equally important as the life you have. The peculiar ways of nature of life make it very bizarre for one to get the full meaning of life. You keep wondering why things are not working out the way you’ve wanted them. You keep struggling, no matter the amount of hard work you put in to advance your life.

You’ve study, practice and implement your knowledge and yet you hang on the balance. Let me break it in a nut-shell, you need to trash the trump in your world in order to advance your life. A miracle happens when you eliminate dangerous elements that are holding you back. You will be being to live and prosper when the trumps are removed from your ways.

Trump is all the problems you are facing in your world today;

  • You believe the liars your life told you
  • You allow it’s manipulations
  • You accept its  deceits


                                          Consequence of Trump

  1. Poverty
  2. Suffering
  3. Inconsistency                                                   
  4. Unable to accomplishment                    
    THE TRUMPS OF LIFE—At every turn, life holds a series of manipulations and lies that hold us back from realizing the greatness that lies beneath. These inhibitory illusions are called “the Trumps of Life” that stall your true happiness. Overcome these debilitating roadblocks and improve your state of being with the 69th Code of the Trump’s World – Fire and Fury.'
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  5. Lack of faith in yourself
  6. Sickness
  7. Causing confusion/ chaos
  8. Blaming others for your failure
  9. Ineffectiveness in your field
  10. Unfit to compete with life 

Trumphalism is the king of catastrophic. All the bad situations that you are in your life is because you allow the liars and deceits that the illusions em-bound on you and you accept them as a way of living; whereas it is the trump that is familiarizing your life.

Trumpquility is the tool that evil uses to manipulate and liars to you. It is a fact that the only way you can fulfill purposeful forms of life is to trash the trump in your world. Eliminate the bad elements and set your world in a new age of accomplishment.

        Tips on how to trash trump

  • Identity the trump in your life
  • Accept the fact that they are there
  • Set a plan to deal with the trump
  • Shoulder to shoulder with trump
  • Eliminate the liars and manipulations in your world
  • Change your perspectives
  • Incubate new ways.

         Benefits of trash trump

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Live in Reality
  3. Decency and Dignity
  4. Be aware of the world around you
  5. Have confidence in life
  6. You will be a shining city upon the hill
  7. You have the power to create your world
  8. You will be dependable to yourself, family and the society
  9. Able to accomplish “the definiteness of purpose.”
  10. Love, peace and happiness will fill your life for the rest of your days “forever.”

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